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May to November 2015 Julia Vance 'Hold'

Carved in Italian Carrera marble Hold, by Norwegian contemporary artist Julia Vance, is the sixteenth in the series of art installations to feature in Holland Park’s Napoleon Garden.

Chosen in partnership with the Royal British Society of Sculptors (RBS), the piece will remain in situ until November 2015.

At first glance the smooth precisely defined planes and hollowed interior of Hold seem like a caress of benevolent arms. Yet on further observation details start to take shape and the letters of the word Hold reveal themselves. Transformed from the two-dimensional into the solid blocks and forms of sculpture, Vance gives a single word a physical tactile and expressive body; an embodiment of the contextual meaning expressed in physical form. You can read Hold with your body, you can touch the word, or you can even crawl inside it and the word can hold you. Both classical in form and conceptual in expression, Vance's work highlights the complexity and depth of a single word by means of a form of sculptural poetry.

Having begun her career as a calligrapher, words are at the heart of Vance's oeuvre. Often reflecting on issues of identity and a sense of belonging Vance's sculptures offer a moment of pause from the constant bombardment of information we are presented with daily. Speaking of her work Vance comments, "We use language to express, understand, and shape a thought. I want to clarify that unexpected thought, or to grasp the multiple delicate nuances of what a single word holds."

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