Hampton Court Flower Show 2016

Cultivating in Kensington and Chelsea, the Royal Borough’s Veg Box Entry

The Council’s Royal Borough Environment Project Team this year had a garden display at Hampton Court Flower Show, in the new Veg Box category.

Hampton Court community Garden Exhibit

The exhibit consisted of four colourful metal planters, similar to the plots used at the community kitchen garden at Olympia, with each planter showcasing a different aspect of the community kitchen garden project.

The exhibit won a Silver Gilt medal, which is impressive considering all the plants were grown from seed by local Cultivating Kensington and Chelsea volunteers and it was their first show.  

View the Award details including site number on this PDF

Plot 1 - Productive and attractive This plot demonstrates how productive and beautiful a small plot can be.

  • Kale ‘Midnight sun’
  • Tomato ‘Indigo blueberry’
  • Tomato ‘Floridity’
  • French bean ‘Purple Teepee’
  • Lettuce mixed leaf Pea ‘Shiraz’
  • Nasturtium (climbing)
  • Sweetcorn ‘Minor’
  • Strawberry ‘Toscana’

Plot 2 - Unusual and Exotic crops This plot highlights the exotic and diverse planting which is grown through the borough and reflects the diverse population in Kensington and Chelsea.

  • Cosmos sulphureus ‘diablo’
  • Red pepper ‘Marconi’
  • Oca. Oxalis tuberose
  • Mashua. Tropeolum tuberosum
  • Yacon. Smallanthus sonchifolius
  • Vietnamese coriander. Persicaria odorata
  • Eddoe or Taro. Colocasia Sp.
  • Cucamelon. Melothria scabra
  • Matambele (sweet potato leaf)
  • Ipomoea batatas Pineapple sage. Salvia elegans.

Plot 3 - School Garden (early and late crops) This plot shows the food growing work in schools and focuses on early and late harvesting crops, so harvesting during the long school summer holidays is avoided.

  • Strawberry
  • Electric daisies. Spilanthes oleracea
  • Greek Basil
  • Tomato ‘Sweet ‘n’ neat’
  • Potato ‘Purple majesty’
  • Cucamelon. Melothria scabra
  • Sweetcorn Pumpkin

Plot 4 - Cultivating Kensington and Chelsea This plot promotes the newly established food growing charity Cultivating Kensington & Chelsea, which grows fruit and vegetable seedlings for sale at the new market garden at Kensington Olympia station, and provided all the plants for the Hampton Court veg box.

  • Tomato ‘moneymaker’
  • Tomato ‘Lizzano’
  • Tomato Sweet ‘n’ neat
  • Climbing French bean ‘Borlotti’
  • Mexican marigold Tagetes minuta
  • New Zealand spinach. Tetragonia tetragonioides
  • Aubergine ‘Orlando’
  • Mauritius cucumber
  • Basil (Sweet)
  • Kale ‘Redbor’
  • Kale ‘Emerald ice’

Find out more information on the Community Kitchen Garden Scheme and The Royal Borough Environment Project