Environmental health

Environmental health services in the borough; including health and safety, pest control and food hygiene.

Animal warden and pest control services

  • Pest control service

    The Council's pest control service can help you manage any pest issues you may have.

  • Pests in rented accommodation

    Landlords have a legal responsibility to deal with pest problems on their property. Tenants can report an unresolved pest problem to the Pest Control Service for enforcement.

  • Pests in refuse storage areas

    Guidance on how to prevent pests in refuse storage areas

  • Urban Foxes

    Information about urban foxes, the nuisance they cause, the risks they pose to humans and pets and tips for controlling them.

Public Health and Health and Safety

  • Public Health Training Service

    About our training services - training offered on Food Safety, Health and Safety, and Public Health

  • Infectious diseases

    A list of infectious diseases which must be reported to your local authority

  • Clinical waste collection service

    Clinical waste collection service offered to residents in the borough who have medical conditions that generate waste that must be disposed of under controlled conditions. Find out how to register for the service or…

  • Health and safety inspections and enforcement

    Information on health and safety inspections and enforcement including what happens in inspections, powers of inspectors and how to appeal.

  • A to Z of Health and Safety

    Information on the Council's A to Z of Health and Safety. This includes a range of topics with links to other websites for further details.

  • Health and Safety at Work Act

    The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 provides the legal framework to promote, stimulate and encourage high standards of health and safety in places of work.

  • London Healthy Workplace Charter and local support programme

    The London Healthy Workplace Charter supports and rewards employers that develop workplaces which promote staff health and well-being.

Food Safety

  • Brexit and Food Businesses

    How Brexit will affect UK Food Businesses

  • What we do

    Information on the Food Safety Team who offer advice and take formal action to make sure that businesses comply with legal requirements.

  • Food safety inspections and enforcement

    Information on how the Council keeps a check on food safety in the borough

  • Food alerts

    Information about food alerts which are issued by the Food Standards Agency when food products should not be sold.

  • Food complaints

    Information on issues related to food complaints including how to make a complaint about the Food Safety team and typical food complaints.

  • Food Hygiene Rating

    Information about the food hygiene rating scheme which is run by the borough in partnership with the Food Standards Agency.

  • Food poisoning

    Information on food poisoning including symptoms, common causes and ways to prevent the spread of infection.

  • Food standards

    Information on food standards including advice for businesses and legislation.

  • Exported and Imported foods

    Guidance for food businesses on foods imported into the European Union and the regulations in place to control the import and sale of food.

  • Approved premises

    Information for certain food businesses who will require approval from the Council before they start trading and how to apply.

  • Private water supplies

    Information about requirements of private water supplies including the need to carry out water sampling and risk assessments.

  • Starting a food business

    Information on how to register a food business which is free and can be done online or by post and enables the Council to give advice to food business operators.

  • Allergens and labelling

    Guidance on allergens and labelling from The Food Information Regulations 2014. They apply to all businesses supplying food to the public.

  • Healthier Catering Commitment

    Healthy Catering Commitment, Healthy Catering Commitment Award scheme for food outlets which offer healthier food options

  • Frequently asked questions about food safety

    Information on food safety including details about food safety regulations and what is needed to open a food business.

  • Food Safety A to Z

    Check out the A - Z of food safety to ensure that the food you, store, prepare and sell is safe to eat.

Policies and reports