If you think your dog has been collected by dog wardens

Information on how to find out if your dog has been collected and the fees to collect your dog.

If you think your dog has been collected

You should call 03444 828 342 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Sunday to arrange a collection (calls to this number are standard rate and mobile friendly).

Fees to collect your dog

This statutory fee is set at £25 plus £17 for each day that the dog is kennelled. An additional £25 is payable if a dog is not micro-chipped or incorrectly microchipped, as required by law to reflect the additional administration in returning dogs that are not correctly registered. 

Dogs are only held for the statutory seven day period. Fees are only reduced or waived in the most exceptional cases and if you wish to discuss this please call the dog warden manager. Fees have to be paid before the dog can be collected. You will also need to provide proof of your address (such as a recent utility bill) before you can collect your dog. If you would like a warden to return your dog to you from the kennels an additional charge of £25 will be made.

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