Exhibition Road

Future use of Exhibition Road

The future use of Exhibtion Road (north of Cromwell Road)

We are pleased that most people said they wanted to see more facilities for pedestrians and less domination by traffic – a main aim of the new design. Art, sculpture and trees were popular, as were events and activities linked to the museums. There was a strong feeling that shops, kiosks and fast food vans should not be allowed.

Exhibition Road changes in character either side of its junction with Prince Consort Road. The southern part of the road is characterised by the museums and cultural institutions and the large numbers of visitors they attract, whereas the northern part is more residential. The new road layout echoes this change with four lanes of traffic in the north and only two lanes in the southern section. It makes sense therefore to treat the two sections differently from each other.

The whole road

We will only allow events covering the whole of Exhibition Road once every two years and only when they mark events that are of London-wide, national, or international significance

We will promote the road as the home for a biennial contemporary public art exhibition. These exhibitions will last for no more than three months and be held in the quieter part of the year, between September and March.

Southern end – Prince Consort Road to Cromwell Road

We will agree an annual events programme with the Exhibition Road Cultural Group.  The programme will contain no more than six short events a year and all events must be based on the exhibition programmes of the museums and cultural and scientific institutions in the road.

We will not allow food retailing, buskers or street entertainers except in connection with events.

Northern end – Prince Consort Road to Kensington Road

We do not think that the northern end of the road lends itself to being a separate space for events or exhibitions.

Key Decision Report [PDF] (file size 1.06 MB)