Exhibition Road

Outside the station

The paved square by the station bordered by Pelham Street and Cromwell Place has a very different feel from Thurloe Street. Apart from the flower seller and the autoloo the area is empty.

Your views

The most popular view on the feel of the place was that it should be open, spacious and uncluttered.

By far the most popular things that people wanted to see on the square were trees and plants. Second to this was a new stall for the flower seller. A water feature and a work of art were also popular ideas.

The least popular item was seating. Some people were concerned about the return of drunks and vagrants, a problem in this area in the past. Entertainment was also unpopular.

Future use of the area

We have defined the paved area as an open and uncluttered space. We have planted new trees and installed seasonal planters. We are investigating the possibility of commissioning a new and beautifully designed, functional kiosk for the flower seller.

Station concourse

While we do not think that the paved square is the right space for permanent works of public art (we want to keep it uncluttered), we do not rule out occasional temporary exhibitions of suitable public art, or fleeting and site-specific works.

We have not put benches on the paved square, nor have we agreed any tables and chairs licences, though we might consider some modest incursions in future, if appropriate.

We will not encourage busking or other forms of entertainment on the paved square.