Exhibition Road


The scheme has been developed and delivered by a partnership of the Royal Borough, Transport for London (TfL) and the City of Westminster. With most of the project area falling in the Royal Borough, Kensington and Chelsea Council took the lead in developing the designs and contributed £14.6m towards the costs. The City of Westminster supported the scheme with over £1m. The support of Westminster City Council has meant that the whole of historic Exhibition Road, from Hyde Park to South Kensington Tube Station has been transformed. The support of the Mayor of London and TfL have been critical the the success of the scheme with TfL contributing £13.4m. Exhibition Road is the largest of the Mayor’s ‘100 spaces for London’ schemes.

In 2006 the institutions joined forces to form the Exhibition Road Cultural Group (ERCG), which hosts joint festivals and events as well as championing the area as one of Europe’s primary cultural destinations. ERCG fully supports the transformation of Exhibition Road and is working closely us help realise the visionary project.