Exhibition Road

Traffic management

South Kensington

We have changed the way traffic moves through the area, to improve road safety and to make Exhibition Road more enjoyable for both drivers and pedestrians.

We have unravelled the one way system around South Kensington station and removed through traffic from the section of Exhibition Road south of Thurloe Place. This has made access to key routes more direct, and has created a much better environment for pedestrians. We have also introduced a left turn from Brompton Road onto Cromwell Gardens, so that traffic from the Brompton Cross area can go west without having to use Pelham Street and South Kensington.

Exhibition Road

Exhibition Road is a through route for two way traffic, with a 20 MPH speed limit.

There are no turns for traffic at the junction of Exhibition Road with Cromwell Road, except for the left turn out of Exhibition Road to go east. This makes it safer and easier for pedestrians crossing Cromwell Road.

Traffic movements [PDF] (file size 400.42 KB)

Suggested routes

Coming from the east traffic will be able to turn left into Thurloe Place from Cromwell Gardens and then turn right into Exhibition Road where it can cross over Cromwell Road. Coming from the west traffic will be able to turn left into Queen’s Gate and turn right into Prince Consort Road to reach Exhibition Road.  Southbound traffic on Exhibition Road wanting to go west along Cromwell Road will be able to do so by using Prince Consort Road and then Queen’s Gate where we have introduced the right turn onto Cromwell Road. Alternatively southbound traffic on Exhibition Road can cross over Cromwell Road and turn right into Thurloe Place and use Cromwell Place to turn left onto Cromwell Road.