Exhibition Road

Whizz Kidz

We have had an Accessibility Group working with us since 2004, and they have proved invaluable, but we wanted to involve children in our thinking too.

Whizz kidz

Whizz Kidz, the UK’s leading children’s mobility charity, spent a day auditing and assessing the current layout of Exhibition Road.

Armed with cameras and video recorders, the team documented their journeys along Exhibition Road, recording the difficulties they faced. They finished at the Science Museum for discussions with Councillor Nicholas Paget-Brown who agreed that he learnt a lot from Whizz Kidz and was very gratified that they will continue working with us for the rest of the project.

Whizz-Kidz Ambassador, Arunima Misra, said:

“Whizz-Kidz young ambassadors are really pleased to be involved in auditing the current accessibility of Exhibition Road, and suggesting how the transformation project can improve access for wheelchair-users. As young people, we want to be able to enjoy the museums and restaurants in the area with the same ease as non-disabled visitors. It is vital that street furniture is minimised, and road crossings and surfaces are friendly to those using mobility equipment. We look forward to watching the development, and remaining close to advising and testing access along the way.”