Foreword to Gambling Policy 2016

Foreword by Councillor Tim Ahern, JP

Cabinet Member for Environment, Environmental Health and Leisure

The Gambling Act 2005 transferred the responsibility for granting licences for betting and gaming premises or participating in a lottery, from the courts to local authorities in 2007. The responsibility for granting operating and personal licences remains with the Gambling Commission.

The Act requires all licensing authorities to draft, consult on, and publish a Statement of Gambling Policy, which must be reviewed every three years. This authority’s Statement of Gambling Policy has now been reviewed for the third time and amended where necessary. It sets out how the Royal Borough envisages it will carry out its responsibilities under the Act and, specifically, promote the three licensing objectives. These are summarised as follows:

  • Keeping gambling crime free
  • Making sure that gambling is fair and open
  • Protecting children and vulnerable adults

Historically, the Royal Borough has worked towards maintaining a balance between the interests of business and of its residents. We will continue to work towards maintaining this balance and to ensure that the Royal Borough remains a safe and pleasant place in which to work, live and socialise.

The Gambling Act 2005 has the potential to affect the lives of thousands of people within the Royal Borough. The aim of this Statement of Gambling Policy is to ensure that the provisions of the Act result in a positive and beneficial economy for residents, businesses and visitors to our area.

While reviewing and revising this policy we have had regard to the Guidance issued by the Gambling Commission. This Gambling Policy will be fully reviewed again in three years time. However, during this period we will be constantly monitoring the effects of gambling premises within the Royal Borough and, where it is felt necessary, we will amend the Policy at any time within this period.

This Statement of Gambling Policy provides a clear set of principles within the law that I hope will be of value to everyone.

Councillor Tim Ahern, JP, Cabinet Member for Environment, Environmental Health and Leisure

February 2016