Fostering Assessment Process

A short guide to the assessment process

Step 1 - Make Contact

Call us and book a place on our information session where we can then arrange a home visit.

Step 2 - Training

Attend our Skills-to-Foster four-day course.

Step 3 - Assessment 

You will be allocated a social worker to carry out an assessment of your background, life experiences and the qualities you would bring to fostering. This will be reviewed halfway through to check any plans that need to be put into place.

Step 4 - Approval 

You will be invited to a Fostering Panel who will give the final decision based on the outcome of your assessment.

Step 5 - Pre-placement 

You will be enrolled on our payment system and allocated a Supervising Social Worker who will help you prepare you and your home ready for a child or teenager.

Step 6 - Fostering

Your life as a fully-fledged Foster Carer begins.

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