Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy and Progress

Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy

The Council introduced a Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy in 2018 for residents living in Barandon Walk, Hurstway Walk, Testerton Walk, Treadgold House and Bramley House.

You can view the Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy, Policy Summary and read our guide on helping you decide where you want to live.

Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy Summary [PDF] (file size 143.61 KB)
Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy [PDF] (file size 119.91 KB)


The Policy looks to rehouse those tenants living in those blocks who do not feel able to remain in, or return to their homes. It awards high priority to those tenants so they can move to another Council or housing association home. High priority means under the Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy, residents who wish to move can apply for 900 points to join the Housing Register. Nine hundred points gives residents the priority equivalent to someone on the Housing Register who needs to be rehoused because of a serious medical problem.

We have produced an easy guide to explain how you can apply to be rehoused under the Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy.

Applying for rehousing graphic.jpg

You can apply to be rehoused under the Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy by downloading an application form.

Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy [PDF] (file size 119.91 KB)


You can email your completed application form to widergrenfell@rbkc.gov.uk.

Or you can print it off and return it to either of the following two addresses:

Housing Department
Kensington and Chelsea Council
Town Hall
Hornton Street
W8 7NX

Lancaster West Estate Office
Unit 2, Baseline Studios
Whitchurch Road
W11 4AT

Wider Grenfell rehousing progress update

This graphic provides the latest update on rehousing residents in the Wider Grenfell area.

There are no remaining households living in hotels or other emergency accommodation from the wider Grenfell area (Barandon Walk, Testerton Walk, Hurstway, Bramley House and Treadgold House).

Households in temporary accommodation who do not wish to move back to their original home will continue to look for permanent homes using the Council’s Home Connections website, where they can express an interest in properties that meet their needs.


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Local Lettings Plan

If you lived on the Lancaster West Estate or Bramley House at the time of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, you could be eligible for a new home on the Estate or in Bramley House through the Local Lettings Plan.

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