Dedicated Service for the bereaved and survivors

The Council has committed to providing a Dedicated Service for bereaved and survivors in partnership with the NHS and Victim Support, to offer families the support they need.

We have worked closely with the bereaved and survivors to design the service to ensure it meets their needs, now and in the future.

The Dedicated Service will: 

  • be a first point of contact for families' key concerns and questions
  • provide a consistent, named point of contact who will be their Support Worker to help them access the services they need 
  • work closely with partners, including Education, Health and Victim Support services to provide support
  • help families to access services which they might need now and, in the future, recognising that this might change over time  

The Dedicated Service is already up and running in initial form and a full service will be established from July 2019.

The service is currently operating from the site of the Friends and Family Assistance Centre and is exploring a second location in the north of the borough. There will also be a strong virtual offer for those who live further afield.