Grenfell Recovery Strategy

Grenfell Projects Fund

We are now into the third year of the Council’s five-year Grenfell Recovery Strategy and we’re currently working with the community to design the next round of the Grenfell Projects Fund, which aims to support the Grenfell-affected community’s recovery. In January and February 2020, the North Kensington community voted to fund a host of local projects as part of the new Grenfell Projects Fund. A total of £700k was allocated.

Grenfell Projects Fund 2

The second round of the Grenfell Projects Fund launched on Monday 20 September with a pre-qualification stage to help those residents interested in applying for funding ahead of the main application stage in November. Applicants will need to complete the application form (PQQ) linked to below by Wednesday 20 October. Guidance notes for filling it out can also be found below.

Application guidance

Please read these Guidance Notes before completing the PQQ.

About the Fund

The Grenfell Projects Fund 2 (GPF2) is a £600k fund that seeks to build on the wide-ranging community response to the Grenfell tragedy to support community-led recovery in North Kensington. The Fund provides grants to local organisations to support those most affected by the Grenfell tragedy. It has again been co-designed with residents, who have told us how the funds should be spent and how funding decisions should be made.

The community also told us they want to have a mixture of an assessment and a public vote where residents are fully involved in the process. This is known as participatory budgeting.

Completing the PQQ form

All interested local groups are being asked to complete the PQQ by Wednesday 20 October 2021. We have prepared this detailed Guidance Note, which sets out the eligibility criteria for the Fund and outlines the information and supporting evidence you will need to provide.

Your completed PQQ will help us to make sure that all applications meet the eligibility criteria and all the standard safeguarding and financial health checks. It will also help us to provide you with further support and additional skills through the Community Leadership Programme.

PQQ – Sections on the form

You can get additional support to complete the form at one of the information sessions. Please contact the Grenfell Community Team either by email or on 07857 696 791 to arrange this.

1. About you

The name of the person completing the PQQ must be the name of the main point of contact in your organisation who will take forward your project.

Full contact details must be completed. We need to know the registered address of your organisation, including your postcode, along with the email address and telephone number of the person submitting the application. Please note for you to be eligible, your entity must be registered, as well as the work delivered within one of the following Wards: St Helen’s; Notting Dale; Dalgarno; Golborne; Colville; Norland or Pembridge.

2. About your entity

There are many small groups of people coming together to provide support and activities for
those affected by the Grenfell tragedy. We want these small groups to continue their work and be supported to grow.

2.1 The Grenfell Projects Fund is open to:
  • constituted residents’ associations
  • new ‘collective groups’ who have written support of an existing organisation to act as fundholder and ‘sponsor’ who will take responsibility for the delivery of the project. Including but not exhaustive: Un-constituted groups; Mutual AID Groups; Local Neighbourhood Groups; and Community Peer-to-Peer Groups
  • new and existing community organisations with evidence of organisation history and status
  • a sole trader with a social purpose and a UTR
  • new start up enterprises with one employee

You cannot apply for funding if you are:

  • a local authority, independent, faith or other school in receipt of mainstream core funding
  • a private business established without charitable aims, community or social purpose
  • a private individual seeking funds for any purpose including education, fees and equipment
  • a statutory team, service or department operating as a direct or indirect function of government
  • a major social enterprise organisation delivering key public services such as leisure, transport or waste

Applicants must also note that if you are in receipt of funding from GPF1, you must ensure that you have completed the delivery of your project by December 2021. Failure to do so will mean that any potential funding you are successful in getting during the second year of the programme will be withheld.

2.2 Constituted organisations

To be eligible to apply for a grant, all PQQs must provide evidence that will be used to verify and conduct due diligence on all applicants to Grenfell Projects Fund 2:

Please make sure you will be in possession of the following documents by the time you submit
your main application:

  • organisation Constitution with supporting Minutes and Annual General Meeting Notes
  • charity, CIC or company Registration documents
  • • business rate statement
  • proof of address dated within last 12 weeks (either your home address or your organisation needs to have a registered address in North Kensington)

Residents’ Associations need only provide organisation Constitution with minutes and Annual
General Meeting notes for the current and/or previous year.

You must also provide evidence of financial stability and policies that underpin your practice:

  • bank account in the name of the organisation applying for funds, and one year’s bank statements as evidence of financial stability to manage funds (if you are a newer organisation and do not have a year’s worth of bank statements, please ensure you will be able to provide as many as you can and any other information that helps to show good financial management practice)
  • evidence of appropriate and current public liability insurance and indemnities
  • Financial Procedures Policy (including expenses)
  • Safeguarding Policy and Procedures statement outlining how children, young people and vulnerable adults will be kept safe
  • Health and Safety Policy and Procedures
  • Equal Opportunities/Equality and Diversity Policy
  • GDPR Policy (Data Protection)
  • DBS checks completed
  • Public Liability Insurance (Minimum £10 million)
  • Employer’s Liability Insurance (Minimum £5 million)
2.3 New collectives

If your project is sponsored by an existing organisation, you will need to show written proof
that the sponsor organisation accepts the role of holding your funds and ensuring your project is delivered. You must also provide written documents described above for that organisation. Small groups who are not formally registered can apply to the Fund if they are ‘sponsored’ by an existing organisation.

The sponsor will:

  • accept and hold the Fund for you
  • sign the Funding Agreement
  • ensure the project is delivered
  • ensure your project complies with all monitoring and evaluation requirements
  • provide written confirmation that they are the Sponsor Organisation
  • distribute monies to you in an agreed time for the
  • successful completion of the project or activity.

Full contact details of your Sponsor must be provided with written confirmation that they agree
to undertake the role of Sponsor and adhere to the points above.

3. Support

In this section we would like to know what you need help with in order to be ready to apply to the main application stage. Please ensure you tick anything you need help with, and support will be provided.

4. Your involvement in North Kensington

In this section we would like to know about your involvement in the Grenfell Community Programme so far, specifically if you were involved in GPF1 or the Community Leadership Programme.

5. Equalities Form

In this section we want to know if we are reaching the residents from across the various communities in North Kensington. Completing this will help us in the future put in place a plan to engage those that are not represented in this current process.

Complete application form

Applicants who are successful at this pre-qualification stage will be invited to apply at the main application stage. The pre-application stage will offer free training and support to ensure applicants have everything in place to apply to the main application stage.

We invite all residents to take part to the workshops offered by Portobello Business Centre (PBC) and Kensington and Chelsea Social Council (KCSC) to gain knowledge and confidence in completing the PQQ and have a greater chance to access the main applications for their projects to be funded.

Portobello Business Centre workshop schedule
Monday 11 October, 9:30am to 11.30am and 2pm to 3.30pm
  • 9:30am – 10:00am: Get-to-know-each-other meeting (1/2 hour)
  • 10am – 11:30am and 2pm – 3:30pm: "Marketing: how to get your offer out to the community / customers" – Carole Pyke
Wednesday 13 October, 10am to 11.30am and 2pm to 3.30pm
  • Pricing and the importance of a cashflow and profit & loss account – Laurie Bernard
Thursday 14 October, 9am to 10.30am and 2pm to 3.30pm
  • Legal structures of a CIC/Charity/Self-employed/Ltd company. What is right for you and your idea – James Watkins
Friday 15 October, 10am to 11:30am and 2pm to 3:30pm
  • Branding: getting your brand to fit your organisation's personality – Jilly Clark
Monday 18 October, 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 3.30pm
  • 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm: Presentation skills - being able present your story to potential funders/partners/collaborators – Carole Pyke
  • 3pm to 3:30pm: Networking meeting (1/2 hour)

All sessions will be run via Zoom and will be recorded so that attendees can re-watch them later if needed.

Kensington and Chelsea Social Council

Dates and workshops to be announced and updated in this page.

If you need help in completing the online PQQ form, we will be available to support you at The Curve, Bard Road on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 11am to 3,30pm as walk in service (simply ask for Grenfell Community Team). If you would like to book a different day by appointment or have any questions about applying, please contact or call Kevin Ramsey on 07857696791.

Update on Resident's Panel

Following the recruitment drive more than 18 residents from North Kensington have expressed an interest to sit on the CLP and GPF Resident's Panel. 

This is following months of engagement with residents where they expressed greater transparency over how money was allocated for both Grenfell Projects Fund and the Community Leadership Programme. Those who have signed up to join the panel will have a chance to:

  • Share their personal experiences of both GPF1 and CLP1
  • Shape future GPF2 grants programmes and CLP2 community commissioning processes
  • Co-design the GPF2 grant application and assessment processes
  • Observe, monitor and quality assure the GPF2 grants programme and CLP2 commissioning process
  • Evaluate both the GPF2 and CLP2
  • Receive training which will help them fulfil their roles

We have now launched the second round of the Grenfell Projects Fund with a pre-qualification stage to help those residents interested in applying for funding ahead of the main application stage in November. Deadline for this stage is 20 October 2021.

Applicants who are successful at this pre-qualification stage will be invited to apply at the main application stage.


Here is a list of 10 projects from round one which we are supporting right now.

Financial Harmony

Financial Harmony will deliver a programme of 6 money masterclasses to young people aged 14 to 16 and a programme of financial management to adults aged over 19. 
Contact Financial Harmony for information on upcoming workshop dates commencing 9 September 2021 at Venture Centre. For further information contact Sacha Dsane:

Muay Thai Local

Muay Thai Local will deliver three 12-week pilot courses in basic Muay Thai and self-defence techniques, enabling a healthier lifestyle while promoting positive mental health. 
2nd workshop WOMENS: 28 Sep- 16 December 2021 (Tuesday from 1:15pm-2:45pm and Thursday from 1:30-2:30pm) 
3rd workshop MIXED: 28 Sep- 16 December 2021 (Tuesday 6:15-7:45pm and Thursday 6:30-7:30pm) 
For further information contact: or contact Andreia from Grenfell Community Team on 07712 542 453 to register if unable to register online. 

North Kensington Hearts & Minds

North Kensington Hearts & Minds will deliver their film club from September at Bay20. 
These places will be allocated to families and to older residents within the community to bring people out of isolation. 

Get in touch with team and find out more information about what will be on ‘show’ 

For further information on what films will be shown and how to reserve your seat please contact -

Just Solutions 123

has appointed a qualified landscape architect to conduct a feasibility study over the installation of a geodesic dome greenhouse, creating a green infrastructure along the Westway near Maxilla. To be involved in this consultation please contact the team on: 

A Plant For Every Home

A Plant For Every Home will deliver a plant to every home on the Lancaster West Estate, opening up a conversation around green issues. For further information on receiving a plant if you are a resident in Lancaster West Estate please contact Robert on:

Grenfell Shrooms

Grenfell Shrooms a mushroom growing project for the North Kensington residents to learn new Skills in growing food, discover the nutritional benefits of eating mushrooms as well as their positive environmental impact. 

For more information, please contact and/ or to collect a Home Growing Kit contact Sal:  OR visit Facebook: @Grenfell Shrooms

Society for Young Artists

Society for Young Artists will be delivering art incorporating money games around learning how to shop and save money for children in North Kensington in school years 7 & 8 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30pm commencing Monday 20 September 2021.  Sessions will take place every Monday and Wednesday up until October half term. 

For further information, please contact Paulo:  

Harrow Club W10

will provide a weekend youth club on Saturday evenings for 11-to-19-year-olds, including food, refreshments and minibus transport. 
For further information please contact:


Grenfell Projects Fund Year One: Community allocate 600k to projects to help north Kensington Community

The second Grenfell Projects Fund Decision Day saw £400k allocated to a number of local projects to support the Grenfell community.

Residents voted on Outcomes three and four at the Decision Day held on Saturday 8 February at St Clement Church, Treadgold Street while all of the organisations in Outcomes five and six who presented on the day were allocated their funding as they were within the £100k allocation.

This followed the first Grenfell Projects Fund Decision Day on Saturday 11 January, which saw over 150 north Kensington residents come together to vote on projects in the first two outcomes to help the north Kensington community.

We received 88 project ideas across the six outcomes from organisations, individuals and new collectives. Residents got the chance to decide which projects were allocated the money based on presentations and videos on the days.

There was £100k available in each outcome for the community to vote on.

  • Outcome 1 - Wellbeing for children, young people or adults
  • Outcome 2 - Educational opportunities to increase skills, knowledge, enterprise and qualifications
  • Outcome 3 - Social and cultural events that bring communities together and provide information to increase connections across the community including initiatives to reduce isolation for older people
  • Outcome 4 - Community safety that increases the safety of everyone
  • Outcome 5 - Activities for young people
  • Outcome 6 - Food growing/greening and food-based activities that increase communities coming together and enhances the local environment
Successful outcome one projects


The successful projects in Outcome 1 - Wellbeing for children, young people or adults - who shared the £100k funding were:

  • Minds United Football Club will provide football sessions for adults in the local comunity who have mental health issues/substance misuse issues following the Grenfell tragedy.
  • Swimunity will offer free swimming workshops to children aged six to 12 years old, mixed adults and women only.
  • 1 Utd will create a safe, informal and open access space for young people aged 17 to 25 years old to provide training and help them find solutions to day-to-day issues.
  • Lancaster West Children's Network will set up a community Take and Play Club to deliver activities and provide resources that support children's development and improve their wellbeing through play.
  • Fit for Life Youth CIC which is a boxing and fitness programme within 11 schools and colleges across north Kensington.
  • Youth Action Alliance: More than a Woman is a girls only youth club which promotes life skills, wellbeing and female empowerment. This funding will allow them to build on the work they currently deliver.
  • Youth Action Alliance: Stable Way Holidays will deliver a programme of offsite activities for up to 40 travellers aged between six and 16 years old which will offer support to help them stay in school, enrol in college and get into work.
  • Progressay will set up an education and enterprise project that will provide support and wellbeing for young people through a support group.
  • Cuban Boxing Academy will offer sessions and (where required) therapy in a family, integration and social inclusion focused syllabus.
  • Walk and Cycle London will teach cycling to non-cyclists in North Kensington.

  • Solidarity Sports will provide additional mentoring, skills and employability skills to young volunteers who are supporting other young people in the area.

  • Notting Hill Therapy will be partially funded to deliver community and one-to-one therapy sessions in the community.

Successful outcome two projects


The successful projects in Outcome 2 - Educational opportunities to increase skills, knowledge, enterprise and qualifications - who shared the £100k funding were:

  • Society for Young Artists will engage young people to translate their art into products they can sell through a quarterly pop-up shop. 
  • Grenfell Community Workshop will use the skills of retired and unemployed technicians and engineers to volunteer to repair and test electrical goods giving them a sense of purpose and self worth as well as reducing isolation.
  • Hear Women will support and empower local women and their children. The project will include cook and talk sessions, how to set up your own enterprise and Mother and Child Saturday Club.
  • Fit for Life Youth will offer six local individuals training on how to deliver boxing and fitness sessions as part of the schools and colleges project plus weekend sessions.
  • Nova New Opportunities will include a programme of activities including events, talks, discussions and workshops, a Legacy Project to allow young people who volunteer to get out of the area and heal and grow as well as running dialogue and life skills workshops.
  • Azza Supplementary School will deliver a safe and productive environment for the community while delivering maths, English and sports activities. 
  • Kids on the Green will deliver a mobile multi-arts package to the community including aerial circus, mobile music studio and radio podcasting. 
  • Polaris Aquatic Training will provide free swimming lessons for families with multiple siblings/disabilities.
  • Financial Harmony will deliver a programme of money masterclasses to young people aged 14 to 16 and a programme of financial management to adults aged over 19

  • Acava will deliver a creative afterschool club with visits to professional galleries with artists and hold an exhibition of the work created over the year.

  • Teit Ethiopia Orthodox Tewahedo Supplementary School will support children to maintain and protect their heritage language through activities in the local area.

  • Project Sankofa will deliver an innovative 10-week programme for women to inspire and achieve their ambitions through self-expressions and finding your own voice.

  • Gheez Rite Community Association will be partially funded to offer a series of workshops of Teaching Recovery Techniques aimed at children.

Successful outcome three projects


The successful projects in Outcome 3 - Social and cultural events that bring communities together and provide information to increase connections across the community including initiatives to reduce isolation for older people were:

  • KCS Carnival Band will teach young people between five and 19 living in North Kensington to sign soca songs during Carnival.
  • Tavistock Residents' Association will provide seating for people to come outside and socialise. This will enable them to read a book, play draughts and enjoy the fresh air.
  • 24 Hearts CIC will provide a six-week programme of free drop-in workshops where participants are invited to create street decoration for Notting Hill Carnival 2020.
  • CHUMS will develop a social circle to enable friendships to be formed; bringing together the diversity and cultures that live within the community through social events and workshops.
  • North Kensington Hearts and Minds CIC will deliver free film clubs to run at Bay20 open to all.
  • Kids on The Green will deliver a circus project including pop-up workshops for the whole community from April to September 2020 on green areas in the housing estates closest to Grenfell Tower.
  • New Waves Art will produce a documentary style series of interviews involving a cross-section of local residents’ past and present. Video interviews around their views of how the local area has developed and in some cases been lost.
  • West10Arts will deliver a pilot projects of creative workshops that will explore classical text such as Shakespeare’s sonnets and deliver a creative pilot workshop incorporating movement, music and drama.
  • The Photography Project (part funded) will engage young people into photography by accessing cameras and taking new pictures of their lives.
Successful outcome four projects 


The successful projects in Outcome 4 - Community safety that increases the safety of everyone were:

  • Harrow Club W10 will provide a weekend youth club on Saturday evenings for 11-to-19-year-olds, including food, refreshments and minibus transport.
  • Muay Thai Local will deliver three 12-week pilot courses in basic Muay Thai and self-defence techniques, enabling a healthier lifestyle while promoting positive mental health.
  • Jacquerie London will provide direct practical support and assistance, including weekly advice and support surgeries and community events which bring people together, increase social involvement and interaction, and improve health and wellbeing.
  • The ClementJames Centre with Crosslight and NK Law Centre will see ClementJames partner with Crosslight Advice and North Kensington Law Centre to offer a comprehensive package of information, advice and guidance around benefits, housing, money, relationships and immigration advice.
  • Volunteer Centre and Lanc West will facilitate a range of opportunities to enable local people to get out, increase social and community safety and improve the place that they live.
  • Venture Community Association will cater for children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing through specialist activities such as non-contact boxing, swimming, sound healing music therapy, art therapy, eco play, yoga and more. The project will also recruit a community development assistant.
Successful outcome five projects 


The successful projects in Outcome 5 - Activities for young people were:

  • Urbanwise.London will teach nine-to-12-years-olds about the environment with an entrepreneurial perspective through hands-on science, technology, engineering and mathematics activities at North Kensington Library.
  • Corner Nine Arts Project will run a holiday woodwork club for children aged six and over, promoting hand-eye-brain sensory connectivity, environmental sustainability and skills associated with using hand tools.
  • Allegorical will inspire creativity in young people through workshops in cinematography, photography, clothing manufacture, creative direction and leadership with creative production.
  • Optimum Sports Academy will create a vlogging programme to allow young people to document and promote their journeys through sport.
  • Kensington Dragons U17 Teams will host football and fitness training sessions to help teenagers navigate the transition into adulthood. They will also organise a team tour to Belgium.
  • Chickenshed will run a six-month project delivering after-school children’s theatre workshops at Oxford Gardens Primary School, culminating in a summer performance at The Playground Theatre.
  • RISE Kids will extend its after-school club for five-to-11-year-olds from three to five days a week.
  • 240 Project will create a safe space to support young people and adults who suffer from mental health issues, addictions, stress or PTSD.
Successful outcome six projects 


The successful projects in Outcome 6 - Food growing/greening and food based initiatives that increase communities coming together and enhances the local environment were:

Corner Nine Arts Project will run during school holidays to help families learn how to run gardens in their communities.

A Plant For Every Home will deliver a plant to every home on the Lancaster West Estate, opening up a conversation around green issues.

Tavistock Garden Club will buy a greenhouse, cold boxes, soil, seeds and pots, offer teaching sessions and organise get-togethers to allow its community to continue to grow.

Convent Estate RA will transform the green space on the Convent Estate, creating a garden with plants from all its residents’ countries and making a film and website to capture the process.

Let’s Co-design Meanwhile Gardens will deliver a co-design process for Meanwhile Gardens to secure a long-term lease for the gardens.

Grenfell Shrooms will create and develop a mushroom growing space run by residents to learn growing skills and get together once a month to eat mushrooms through other projects running community kitchens.

Swinbrook Estate RA will create a new kitchen garden with 12 raised bed kits to allow a dozen North Kensington residents to meet neighbours, engage in physical activity and enjoy an improved diet.

Just Solutions 123 will appoint a qualified landscape architect to conduct a feasibility study over the installation of a geodesic dome greenhouse, creating a green infrastructure along the Westway near Maxilla.

Food Therapy and Reflection will allow community members to come together on the 14th of every month away from the Silent Walk, providing food, cultural songs and dances and a safe space for reflection.

Trees 4 Grenfell will provide additional trees and planting schemes to North Kensington.

Last updated: 11 October 2021