Nutrition and families


These pages are brought to you by the Nutrition and Dietetics Service of Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust (CLCH)

On these pages you can find information about nutrition for individuals, families and children.

Read our healthy eating information for individuals and families where you can find links to useful information about nutrition for different ages and stages of life, information about when and how to see a dietician and some of the nutrition activities in the borough.

We also work in partnership with people and organisations who work in the borough such as schools, children’s centres, local businesses, voluntary and community sector organisations and health, social care and education staff. Read our information for organisations if you or your organisation work with local individuals and families and would like to find out about how to refer to our services, the training we offer, the campaigns and programmes we are working on and how you can promote good nutrition in your organisation or with the people you work with.

Latest news

Vitamin D deficiency - could you or your child be at risk?

Did you know that most of our vitamin D comes from the summer sun? Only a tiny bit (10 per cent) comes from the food we eat even if we have a healthy diet. Not having enough vitamin D can lead to bone problems for both adults and children. Local doctors are seeing more children with rickets which is a condition which softens bones in children and can lead to deformity and fractures.

People most at risk of deficiency are:

  •  pregnant or breastfeeding women 
  •  infants and children under five years of age 
  •  people with low or no exposure to the sun, for example those who cover their skin for cultural reasons, who are housebound or confined indoors for long periods. 
  •  people who have darker skin, for example people of African, African-Caribbean and South Asian origin
  •  people with a BMI>30

Pregnant women, new mums and children under five can now get vitamins containing vitamin D from health centres and children’s centres in Kensington and Chelsea. If you are on the Healthy Start scheme you can get them free in exchange for your vitamin coupons at children’s centres or health centres. If you are pregnant or a new mum and are not on the scheme you can still buy the Healthy Start vitamins for a small amount at children’s centres and health centres for you and your child.

If you are not either pregnant, a new mum or have children under five, you can pick up supplements containing vitamin D at your local pharmacy. Check with your pharmacist for the right ones for you.