Partners and Organisations

Change4Life Partners and Organisations


Change4Life Kensington and Chelsea supports organisations working with children, young people and families across the Royal Borough to promote healthy lifestyle messages and introduce activities that make it easier for children and young people to eat well and keep active.


Summer Campaign ‘Naturally Active’

Change4Life Kensington and Chelsea have created some fantastic resources to help organisations promote the campaign and keep children moving. Visit the Activity section for more details.

Your organisation can also apply to receive aChange4Life grant to deliver bespoke initiatives to get children, young people and families more physically active outdoors. Visit the grant scheme page for more information


Change4Life Kensington and Chelsea health promotion services

We have launched a new service across Kensington and Chelsea in July 2020. This will provide organisations with a range of support services including training, nutrition advice, and workshops on a range of key Change4Life campaign topics. More information will be available shortly.


Change4Life Kensington and Chelsea newsletter

Stay up to date on local activities, events, training courses and funding opportunities. Email us at: to sign up.