Housing management

Assets, Projects and Compliance

Assets, Projects and Compliance is responsible for the long-term condition of the Council’s housing, ensuring that major works and maintenance are carried out in a cost effective and timely manner. This involves a full range of property management including: 

  • strategic investment and asset management
  • capital programme and cyclical repairs and redecoration
  • planned maintenance
  • compliance.

Major works are facilitated by the capital investment programme and include improvements, modernisation and programmed maintenance to homes. The team is responsible for all the work from investment planning, surveying and consultation to appointing contractors, managing and monitoring of site work and receiving feedback on completion.

The management of mechanical and electrical work is also carried out by the department including the maintenance of communal and individual heating systems, drainage and lifts.

Assets, Projects and Compliance is also responsible for day-to-day repairs, aids, adaptations and major voids (when properties are empty for a period of time).

We are currently carrying out major external works to Trellick Tower and have set up web pages to keep residents up-to-date. Visit Trellick Tower external refurbishment for more information.