Home Connections

All vacancies are let through a process called choice-based lettings, which is managed by the Home Connections Team. 

Under the choice-based lettings system applicants use their awarded points to choose and bid for properties which they are interested in. Properties are let to the bid with the highest amount of points. 

If there is more than one applicant with the highest amount of points, the property will be let to the applicant with the earliest priority date.

Temporarily moving out of your home

The majority of repairs and improvements can be carried out while you are living in your home. However, if your home needs major repair works, we may need you to move out on a temporary or permanent basis. A surveyor would visit your home to decide whether your home needs major works and how long the works are likely to take.

If the major repairs are likely to take more than six weeks, we would recommend that you move to another property on a temporary basis. For anything less than six weeks we would either consider temporary accommodation, such as a hostel, or encourage you to stay with friends and family.

If we need to re-house you, we will help you to arrange the move to minimise any inconvenience and distress. If you move to another property on a temporary basis you will be asked to sign a licence and you will continue to pay rent only on your permanent home. You would have to pay for any gas, electricity and telephone charges you use in your temporary home.