Housing Sustainability and Fuel Poverty Strategy – Resident Survey

We have launched a survey for tenants and leaseholders to have their say on sustainability within RBKC housing.

We know climate change and sustainability are important to our residents, and we want to demonstrate our commitment to taking action and supporting residents in reducing carbon emissions and living in greener and healthier ways. To show how we plan to act in the face of the climate emergency,

Housing Management is developing a Sustainability and Fuel Poverty Strategy, and we would like to gather your feedback and comments on the draft, as a first step towards working together on improving sustainability and energy efficiency on our estates.

As the Council works towards its carbon reduction targets, we want to better understand what you think about sustainability and how you might want support from us. Your opinions will inform the Strategy, and the answers to the survey will help us make recommendations for how we can support, empower and work together with residents to tackle environment-related issues in our housing stock.

This survey focuses on issues linked specifically to Housing Management and the approach the department takes with regard to sustainability. Please note the Council will be conducting borough-wide consultations relating to the climate emergency and to COVID-19 recovery plans.

We would be grateful if you could complete this survey and, if you wish to, include your thoughts on the draft Sustainability and Fuel Poverty Strategy which is linked below.

Your answers will remain anonymous, unless you would like to be involved in further conversations and engagement sessions, in which case you can provide your contact details at the end of the survey.

Draft Housing Sustainability and Fuel Poverty Strategy

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The closing date for responses is Friday 9 October 2020.