Preventing homelessness

Because of the shortage of housing in Kensington and Chelsea, we cannot offer a house to everyone who approaches us with a housing problem. However, if you think you will become homeless, we will work with you to try to stop this from happening.

Everyone with a housing need will be offered a housing options interview where we will explore a range of housing solutions to help you.

We can offer:

  • help and advice to people looking for somewhere to live
  • realistic, up-to-date and in-depth advice on housing and how to pay for it
  • a full housing option service covering private renting options and affordable ownership
  • help to keep your home
  • information on emergency accommodation that may be available for single people
  • personalised referrals to other agencies if we cannot help you

We can signpost you to information on:

What is supported housing?

Visit our page on supported housing

How you can help us to help you

  • Contact us as soon as you know you are likely to be homeless or threatened with homelessness. This gives us more time to consider how best we can help you. However, if your homelessness is unavoidable and an emergency please try to contact us early in the morning.
  • Many people lose their homes, or rights to be re-housed by the Council, because they wait too long before seeking advice.
  • The more information you give us, the quicker we are able to give you the right advice. Please let us see any useful documents as soon as you can.