Homeowner Seminars

Due to social distancing restrictions, we could not have an event for our homeowners at the Great Hall. This year we presented online seminars via Zoom which all our homeowners were invited. Below are the videos to the seminars if you would like to watch any seminar again or did not manage to join us for any particular session.

Service Charges Explained - Explanation of all the different charges and how they are calculated. We will also touch on the different payment options.

Caretaking and the options going forward - Explanation of the options for future service delivery and how leaseholders can become involved in the decision making.

Short term lets - What is a short term let? What is the impact of short term letting? Can something be done about it? What is the Council’s response?

Climate Emergency and the Council’s response - Discussing the Council’s approach to developing the climate emergency response and achieving net zero carbon; and what residents can do to support action on climate change at the local level.

Capital Programme and informal consultation - The journey of a Capital programme

Developing online services (Digitisation) - Discussing what the Council is planning and gaining views from leaseholders about what they would like to be available online.