Keeping your home

If you are worried about maintaining your home, this section offers advice and contact information for people who can help. 

Grant and adaptations

If you find it difficult to manage at home, specialist equipment or adaptations to your home may make life easier for you. The Council can help you to find equipment suppliers, or help you directly if you are eligible: Grants and adaptations.

Help to live at home

Most of us want to stay living independently at home. Help is available for a number of things you may have difficulty with in your home, including practical and personal care: help to live at home

Preventing homelessness

If you think you will become homeless, we will work with you to try to stop this from happening. Although we may not be able to offer you a house, everyone with a housing need will be offered a housing options interview where we will explore a range of housing solutions to help you: Advice to prevent homelessness

Housing support services

The Council offers support services to residents who are experiencing difficulties and may be at risk of losing their homes: Housing support services