Problems and complaints

If you have a problem at your accommodation, you should speak to the manager there or contact the managing agent.

If your complaint is regarding conditions at the property and you feel that the manager has not resolved the problem satisfactorily, you can contact the Council's Environmental Services Department for advice.

If you have a complaint about noise you can contact the Noise and Nuisance Team for advice.

The Temporary Accommodation Liaison Officer may only be contacted if you feel that the temporary accommodation agents or environmental health team have not resolved the complaint satisfactorily.

The Temporary Accommodation Liaison Officer can also put you in touch with other services such as social work support and holds regular surgeries in the Borough's hotels and at the Town Hall.

The Homeless Social Work Team can give practical help and advice for people placed into temporary accommodation by the Council. If you do not already have a social worker and you have children, a disability or other special needs you can make an appointment.