When a decision is made

When a decision is made

If we decide that we do have a duty to provide you with accommodation, we will do so until that duty ends. We will put your details on the Housing Register. This is a list of all people looking for social housing (which is housing run by the Council or housing associations). Once you are on the register, you can bid for properties that become available. The properties you can bid for will depend on the priority points we award you. For more information, visit our social housing page.

Following a change in law (Localism Act 2011), councils are now able to offer suitable private rented accommodation to homeless households, instead of social housing. Under the new law, we are only required to make ONE offer of private rented accommodation to end our housing duty towards you. The property offered could be located anywhere in the UK, as long as we consider it to be suitable for your household’s needs.

If we decide that we do not have a duty to continue housing you, we will normally continue to provide accommodation for 28 days from the date of decision.

If I don’t meet the criteria to be rehoused, what will happen then?

Unfortunately, we are is unable to rehouse every single person who is homeless.

We will send you a letter explaining why we cannot rehouse you. if you disagree with the decision made, you can request a review.

We will provide you with advice and assistance in order to help you to secure your own accommodation.

If I am accepted for rehousing, how long does it take to be given accommodation?

It is impossible to say how long you will wait for longer-term accommodation.  It may take some time as the demand is far greater than the supply.

There is a huge demand for social housing in the Royal Borough but last year only 460 properties to let. The number and sizes of the properties let was as follows:

Properties let via the Housing Register 2016-17




One bed


Two bed


Three bed


Four bed


Five bed


Six bed




We will give you information and advice about other options that may be available to you.