You are responsible for maintaining and decorating the inside of your home, but not the structure. 

We advise you not to carry out any work such as new windows. This is because under the conditions of your lease, you will still have to make a full contribution to the cost of all the work we do to the block.

When you purchased your lease or freehold, your lease agreement or transfer document described the premises you have responsibility for maintaining, as well as your rights and obligations, and those of the landlord.

Each lease agreement or transfer document will be specific to the individual property, but most will contain similar descriptions and general rules. You will usually have the responsibility of maintaining the inside areas of your property, including keeping it decorated to reasonable standards, but there will be some things you cannot do to the property, such as knocking down walls.

These restrictions usually, but not exclusively, relate to altering the structure of the property and adding or removing services or facilities.

The lease agreement or transfer document generally requires you to get permission from the landlord to carry out any works, such as renewing windows or removing internal walls.

However, planning permission may also be required for some works as a legal requirement, these are not the same thing: though the Council is your landlord and also runs the Planning Department that deals with planning regulations, gaining planning permission is not the same as gaining the landlord’s permission to carry out work.