Balconies new fire safety advice

July 2019

At a time when fire safety guidance is under review and regulations are being updated across the country, officers at Kensington and Chelsea Council are working hard to keep track and take action to ensure the safety of our residents wherever necessary.

Recently the Government published new guidance on fire safety for balconies and – with this in mind – the Council is conducting a borough-wide review of materials used in balcony areas.

This will involve removing coverings and checking the standards of insulation used underneath. If we are not satisfied with standards or materials, we will replace them.

We will start this programme of work at any block where families from Grenfell have been rehoused. Despite the risk at these properties being very low, and robust fire safety measures already in place, we think that is right thing to do because of what these families have already experienced.

We will soon move quickly onto other buildings and conduct thorough checks right across the borough. We are taking this action proactively to make sure people are safe and feel reassured. That is our number one priority.

We have written to housing associations and building owners in the borough to bring this issue to their attention, and we expect them to take action where necessary. We believe Kensington and Chelsea Council is one of the first authorities in the country to take action on this issue.

Government guidance issued is here. 

Government Advice on Balconies on Residential Buildings July 2019.pdf

If you live in a Council managed home, you can call Housing Management Customer Services on 0800 137 111 or 020 3617 7080. If you live in a housing association property or rent privately, you should speak to your landlord.