Buying your home

This page gives you a brief outline of what is involved if you decide to buy the lease of your current home.

You can buy your home if: 

  • you were a tenant of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea before 18 January 2005
  • your home is your only or principal home
  • your home is self-contained (you do not share bathroom or kitchens).

If you became a tenant after 18 January 2005, you will not be able to apply to buy your home until you have been a tenant for three years.

You may not be entitled to buy your property if: 

  • your property is sheltered accommodation
  • the property is occupied as part of your employment
  • a court has made a possession order which says you must leave your home
  • you have been declared bankrupt
  • you are no longer a secure tenant.

There are several stages you need to go through when you buy your home. Your first step is to complete a RTB1. You can get this form by contacting us on 0800 137 111. Please speak to your neighbourhood officer if you need advice.

Intermediate housing

Intermediate housing or affordable housing, covers a range of schemes to help you buy or rent a home that you can afford.

Buying affordable housing is often referred to as shared ownership because you buy a share of the property and pay a rent on the remainder of the property. When you can afford to, you can increase the share you own and reduce your rent.

Visit our Intermediate housing page for more information and details of available properties.