Every year, we estimate the following year’s service charge. You will receive this estimate for the financial year in February or March. (A financial year runs from 1 April to 31 March.) Your service charge is due every three months, on 25 March, 24 June, 29 September and 25 December.

The estimated service charge breakdown sets out the charge we are making for each service you receive. The invoice will tell you your payment due every three months.

The back of the invoice details the payment options available.

Estimated service charges summary

Descriptions of charges may appear on your estimated service charge summary beside your estimated contribution towards the costs expected during the financial year. 

The estimated charges are individual to each property, and not everyone will have the same items listed in their accounts. It is unlikely you will have all items in your summary. 

Remember that costs stated are estimated for the year ahead, but that the amount shown as your share of the costs will be invoiced to you throughout the year, then balanced when the final (actual) accounts are calculated.

How to read the estimates summary

Each item that makes up the quarterly service charge invoice is listed on the left of the summary, under titles Building costs; Estate costs; or Other costs. 

Building costs include any expected repairs or services to your building. Estate costs include any expected repairs or services to the outside areas of your building or to your estate, if your property is located within an estate. Other costs relate to buildings insurance, the Council’s management fee, and/or any ground rent rechargeable to you. 

There are also three columns of figures listed in the summary. The first column shows the total estimated costs for each element, towards which you will be asked to pay a share. The next two columns show that share for your property, with the total amount for the year listed in the yearly column. The amounts listed in the final column show the quarterly charge. 

Beneath all of these the total charge is listed for your annual estimated service charge and the amount you will be expected to pay quarterly. 

Note: On your quarterly service charge invoice/statement any ground rent, buildings insurance, and the total of any heating charge elements (if you are connected to a district heating system) will be listed separately from the remaining service charge elements. Added together, those costs will match the quarterly total shown on your estimated service charges summary.