Major works and improvements

Major works

Major works is a commonly used term which describes work carried out to buildings or estates where a share of costs could be recharged to leaseholders and where we have to issue formal consultation notices to you under s20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act.

It's a legal requirement to consult with leaseholders about any work which will cost you more than £250, and any contract that will last longer than a year and you may have to contribute more than £100 towards. This is covered by the Landlord and Tenant Act, 1985 and is also known as Section 20 or s20 consultation. The process usually has two stages and sometimes three. 

We carry out regular maintenance to all our estates but every building requires major works during its life. There are three different categories of major works:

Exterior decorations

This work includes joinery repairs, repointing around windows, replacing stone sills and painting outside woodwork, metalwork and so on.

Major repairs

These are large, one-off jobs such as the repairing or replacing of: 

  • roofs
  • lifts
  • doors
  • controlled entry systems 
  • windows
  • heating systems 
  • estate roads and paths 
  • refuse bin areas 
  • rainwater gutters and pipes

Improvement work

The provision of an amenity and/or structure where nothing similar existed before. Examples of this include the installation of a completely new concierge system or the provision of a children’s play area.

Programme of planned works

We recently carried out a home conditions survey to look at the general condition of the exterior and communal areas of every block. We have used this to draft a schedule of work. Visit the Programme of planned work page to see when work on the block or estate you live in is planned.


The Council is committed to consulting with residents at all stages of a major works project and has a legal duty to issue consultation notices. Consultation will range from meetings on site, to meetings with contractors, to newsletters where work will cost more than £250 per household.

Paying for major works

Your lease sets out your responsibility to contribute towards the landlords’ costs of carrying out necessary repairs. We will provide you with an estimate in a notice before any work starts and also the formula we have used to calculate the costs. The way we work out the estimate in the notice and the bill for the work is the same way as we work out all service charges. We recently changed the way we bill, so you will now receive your bill after work has started on site. This is to give you more time to make arrangements to pay. We acknowledge that paying for major work can often be difficult.