Service charge repayment options

This page gives information about how we can help, you can also contact your Income Officer for advice or to arrange a payment. For your own protection, please also seek independent advice before entering into any financial arrangement.

The annual service charge is due in four quarters throughout the year and one final account. 

By invoice

You can pay quarterly when the charges are due on the quarter dates.

Monthly repayment plan

The Council offers the concession of paying over 12 months with interest free instalments. This concession is only available via direct debit or if you complete an agreement form. Please note that this concession is based on April to April and no amounts may be taken over to the next year.

Mortgage top-up

A loan or top-up from your mortgage lender. This is usually the easiest and cheapest method to adopt, where possible. Contact your mortgage lender for more details.

Bank loan

A loan from a high street bank, building society or other reputable establishment.