About Property Services

Property Services is responsible for the long-term condition of the Council’s housing, ensuring that major works and maintenance are carried out in a cost effective and timely manner. 

This involves: 

  • planning major improvement and modernisation work

  • planning regular (cyclical) maintenance to homes such as painting and decorating

  • managing work on our homes including surveying, appointing contractors and monitoring their work

  • organising consultation with residents and ensuring they are kept up to date

  • managing mechanical and electrical work including the maintenance of communal and individual heating systems, drainage and lifts

  • ensuring our homes, and work on them, complies with building regulations and current Government legislation.

Programme of planned works

We recently carried out a home conditions survey to look at the general condition of the exterior and communal areas of every block. We have used this to draft a schedule of work. Visit the Programme of planned work page to see when work on the block or estate you live in is planned.

Trellick Tower

We are currently carrying out major external works to Trellick Tower and have set up web pages to keep residents up-to-date. Visit Trellick Tower external refurbishment for more information.

Day-to-day repairs

Contact us to report a repair.