Adair and Hazlewood key documents

Fire risk assessments

Fire risk assessments identify potential fire risks found at the time the assessment was carried out and the measures that should be taken to minimise or eliminate that risk. Some of the key things they look at are the safety and integrity of exit routes, the structural measures in place to stop or slow down the spread of a fire and whether there is anything inside the building that could start, accelerate or spread a fire. They are carried out by independent, fully accredited professionals.

Medium is a normal risk rating for residential housing blocks as residents are cooking and heating their homes.

References to individual flats, or images of individual flats (for example front doors), are being removed prior to publication to protect the privacy of the resident.

Adair Tower Fire Risk Assessment

Hazlewood Tower Fire Risk Assessment

Air monitoring

To support previous dust samples taken before the enabling work and before starting the main removal programme, we organised a survey on 22 January 2019. This looked at concentrations (during typical operations) of respirable crystalline silica, respirable dust, total inhalable dust, iron, manganese, potassium, aluminium and titanium. A total of 12 samples were taken during the survey. 
The results of the survey found that all of the samples taken were significantly below the workplace exposure limits. In the case of the most harmful substance, respirable crystalline silica, it was found that the concentrations were not detectable. This indicates that the methods we will be using to remove the external render work well, with exposures not considered to be capable of causing detrimental effects to health through inhalation.

Air monitoring report Adair and Hazlewood January 2019