Home ownership

This section has information for home owners who receive some degree of services or charges from the Council. These are leasehold flats, maisonettes and studios and freehold houses which attract service charges towards the estates in which they are located.

Many housing management services affect both home owners and tenants. However, as a property owner you have a different financial association with the Council as your landlord, and are governed to a degree by different legislation.

Service standards

About service standards.

Rights and responsibilities

Tenants rights and responsibilities.

Your lease agreement

About your lease agreement.

Right to Buy

How to buy your home under the Right to Buy scheme.

Service charges

Service charges - what they include and how they are worked out.


Sub-letting your home.

Extending your lease

How to extend your lease.

Repairs and major works

Maintaining your home.

Home sales

Buying or selling a leasehold property.

Payments for home owners

There are various ways the Council can help you organise major works payments.

Administration charges

About administration charges for special services.

Buildings insurance

The Council is responsible for insuring the structure and buildings of all its properties, and leaseholders pay towards this cost as part of their service charges.

Gas safety

About gas safety and how to ensure your home is safe.

Contact the Home Ownership Team

Contact the Home Ownership Team.

Frequently asked questions about home ownership

FAQs on home ownership.