Future management of your homes

In December 2017, the Council restarted the Tenants’ Consultative Committee (TCC) and the TCC, together with Council officers, selected Traverse, an independent organisation, to carry out the consultation with residents on how they wanted their homes to be managed in future.

Traverse, an employee owned research company, spoke to over 200 residents across 11 public events and six community events. The public events were open for all residents to attend. Residents were able to sign up for events online, by email, or by phone. The public events were promoted via letters to all tenants and leaseholders, through posters and leaflets, and via social media.

Traverse also met with service users from six community organisations to ensure consultation with residents who were less likely to attend the public events.

As part of the consultation Traverse also received a small number of emails and comments via the website from residents who were unable to attend the events.

Residents were presented with several models for how housing services could be managed in Kensington and Chelsea in the future.

The models included:

  • Council owned and managed
  • community or resident management services
  • arms-length organisation (ALMO)
  • housing association.

The significant majority of residents consulted with, wanted the Council to continue to manage their homes. Residents felt that the Council was more clearly accountable to its residents compared with other housing management options. There was some support for a community management of services, but the majority were concerned that community options were unrealistic and could lead to competing voices and mismanagement.

The majority of residents were not in favour of the option of a housing association or ALMO as a model for the future management of their homes.

We carried out a consultation, which closed on 16 August 2019, giving all residents whose homes we manage the opportunity to give us their views. 

We are considering all the feedback and will update residents as soon as we can.