Your home

Information on rents, tenancies, maintenance, property exchanges and dealing with antisocial behaviour

New tenancies

Information on new tenancies which includes a secure fixed term tenancy for all new tenants.

Your rent

Information on your rent payments.

Estate inspections

How you can get involved in estate inspections.

Tackling antisocial behaviour

Information on dealing with antisocial behaviour which is shared between a number of agencies including the police and Council departments.

Tenancy fraud

Information on tenancy fraud which involves obtaining properties by deception.

Buying your home

Information on what is involved if you decide to buy the lease of your current home.

Home Connections

About the Home Connections team which manage all vacancies which are let through a process called choice-based lettings


How condensation affects you and your home.

Gas servicing

Information for tenants on domestic gas servicing which is carried out by our specialist contractor K&T Heating.

Lettable standard

Information on the lettable standard which ensures the property that you are moving to is safe, clean and in a reasonable state of repair.

Home contents insurance

The Council insures the buildings you live in but does not insure the contents of your home. We strongly recommend that you take out contents insurance.