Saving energy around your home

Reducing your energy consumption will help cut down your carbon emissions as well as your bills. The Energy Saving Trust says the majority of the UK’s least energy-efficient homes could be made more energy efficient for less than £3,000 – typically by installing new loft and cavity wall insulation or a modern boiler. You can use its database to find available grants and discounts.

Helpful hints to save energy around your home

The following helpful hints will help you save energy and money!

  • replace your light bulbs with energy efficient ones, they could save you up to £50 in electricity costs over their lifetime, and remember to turn the lights off when you leave the room
  • turn off every unused appliance in your home, instead of leaving them on stand-by, and save £80 a year
  • turning your heating down by just 1°C can save £60 a year - the recommended temperature for living rooms is 21°C
  • each time you boil the kettle, only put in the amount of water you need, this will save £20 over a year
  • clothes can be washed just as effectively at 30°C and this uses around 40 per cent less energy than washing at higher temperatures. This will also reduce wear on your machine
  • have showers (not power showers) instead of baths and you could save about £40 throughout the year
  • in winter, make sure you close your curtains as this will help to stop any draughts
  • when using saucepans, remember to put the lids on, your food will cook more quickly, saving energy
  • don't leave the fridge door open longer than necessary and remember to defrost your freezer regularly
  • fix dripping taps as soon as possible. Over a week, one hot water tap dripping can waste the same amount of water as a hot bath