Who gets priority for social housing?

Who will be given priority for housing?

The Council offers some priority to groups defined in law as needing to be given ‘reasonable preference’. This includes people:

  • who need to move on medical or welfare grounds, including needs relating to a disability
  • living in insanitary or overcrowded housing, or otherwise living in unsatisfactory conditions
  • who are homeless, including those who are not in priority need or who are intentionally   homeless
  • owed a duty under various sections of the Housing Act 1996 relating to homelessness.

The Council will also award priority to:

  • tenants already living in social housing (Council or housing association) who:
  • are looking to move from a property with two or more bedrooms to a property; (as larger properties are in short supply)
  • are living in a property that has been adapted for a disabled person and they no longer need those adaptations (the property can then be given to someone who does)
  • need to leave their accommodation because it is being demolished for redevelopment or significantly refurbished and the Council has an agreed plan to move them
  • people who have a legal right of succession to a Council or housing association property but have been asked to move as the property is too large for their needs
  • people suitable to foster or adopt one or more children but who need more appropriate accommodation in order to do so
  •  people living in supported accommodation or care provided or paid for by the Council who are ready to move to independent living and the Council has a duty to provide ongoing help
  • people to whom the Council owes a contractual duty to provide accommodation (for example, the accommodation relates to their job)
  • people who have exceptional and compelling circumstances and no other suitable housing options are available (including a homelessness application).

The Council will award additional priority to people:

  • who are in one or more priority categories listed above where the applicant, their partner or a member of their household is in paid work averaging 16 hours or more per week and has been in work continuously for at least six months
  • who fall within one or more of the statutory reasonable preference categories (see previous page) and have urgent housing needs, and who are serving or former members of the Armed Services or their bereaved spouses or civil partners, or serving or former members of the Reserve Forces.