Equality and diversity

The Council has a clear policy that sets out its commitment to promoting equality and respecting diversity, by delivering fair, accessible and relevant services and equal opportunities in employment. This includes fair and equal access to services, an equal pay policy, and a safe environment without discrimination or harassment. We also seek to recognise and value the differences in the people we serve and employ.

What the disability symbol means to you

When you see a job advertised displaying this symbol, you can be sure that as long as you meet the minimum requirements set out for the job, you are guaranteed an interview.

Positive About Disabled People Logo To use the symbol, an organisation must make five commitments to action:

  • to interview all applicants with a minimum criteria for a job vacancy, and consider them on their abilities.
  • to ask disabled employees at least once a year what can be done to make sure they can develop and use their abilities at work.
  • to make every effort when employees become disabled to make sure they can stay in employment.
  • to take action to ensure that key employees develop the awareness of disability needed to make the commitments work
  • to review these commitments and what has been achieved every year, and to plan ways to improve on them and let all employees know about progress and future plans

Pure Innovations

Pure Innovations are a recruitment agency specialising in helping people with learning, physical, mental health or sensory difficulties into employment.

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Corporate Equality Policy [PDF] (file size 42Kb)

Last updated: 7 November 2022