We offer the opportunity to work in a vibrant and diverse community of schools. Our schools are judged by OfSTED and other regulators to offer outstanding education for our children. Although we have a small overall number of educational establishments, we have a wide variety of provision.

In Kensington and Chelsea there are two Roman Catholic secondary schools, four secondary academies, eight children’s centres, three nursery schools, 25 primary Church of England, Roman Catholic and non-denominational community schools and three Primary Academies. We also have a special school in Swanley, Kent, as well as the Chelsea Children's Hospital School, Virtual School, two Alternative Provision settings, and a Roman Catholic Sixth Form.

We are committed to both maintaining and continually improving the standard of teaching and learning in our schools. We believe that providing children and young people with the highest standard of education provides them with the opportunity to make the most of their subsequent chances in life.

In total our schools meet the educational needs of nearly 13,000 children, 7,500 of whom are in primary or nursery schools, with the remaining 5,500 in secondary or special schools. Over 5,000 of these pupils come from outside Kensington and Chelsea and choose to attend schools in the Royal Borough, which is evidence of the excellent quality of teaching and learning.

Ours is a team approach to education, increasingly schools led, with many effective school alliances and school to school partnerships, sharing good practice, professional development opportunities and resources. Parents, pupils, teachers, senior school leaders and support staff work together to regularly achieve some of the highest outcomes nationally. We therefore look for teachers who will promote this working partnership, are prepared to be accountable and will share our creative and dynamic approach to teaching and learning. We also look for individuals with high expectations, people who combine academic ability with the practical skills and knowledge needed to deliver in the classroom. Training and high quality support are key components in the offer we make to all staff in our schools. If this appeals to you, we invite you to apply for a teaching position in the borough. Information about how to apply can be found on the Teacher Recruitment page.