We have developed new values for all Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council staff. The values were chosen by staff themselves following discussions about change at the Council.

Our new values define how we do things here and set high expectations for all of us. They offer a clear compass as to how we want to act towards the communities we serve, and to the individuals and families we serve.

Our values are:

Putting communities first

  • we put local people at the heart of decision making in everything we do
  • we seek to include and involve: all voices matter
  • we provide quality services that are responsive, effective and efficient


  • we listen to others and value the personal experiences of people in our communities and each other
  • we adopt a fair and involving approach regardless of any way in which an individual is different to us


  • we act with openness, honesty, compassion, responsibility and humility
  • we let people know how we are doing and communicate why and how decisions have been made

Working together

  • we work together and in partnership with everyone that has an impact on the lives of our residents
  • we want to understand, learn from each other and continually adapt