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Non-violent Resistance (NVR)

NVR stands for Non-Violent Resistance, it’s an approach with its roots in the civil rights movement which has been developed to address children’s violent or self-destructive behaviours.

This approch has gained in recognition and popularity due to the realization by many parents and professionals that, for children who find it hard to be supervised or guided by adults, reward and punishment approaches can lead to escalations in violence. Furthermore, in the face of violent or destructive behaviours, most parents do not want to be drawn into responding violently themselves yet find that trying to use words to reason with their child is also ineffective.

NVR offers a chance to address these behaviours whilst also conveying love to their child. 

For further information, please access the guide below:

Non-violent Resistance (NVR) guidelines for parents

Last Updated 26/11/2020

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