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Personal budgets for carers

Last Updated 04/12/2018

A personal budget for a carer is a sum of money paid by the council to a carer to pay for things that will help you in your caring role following a carer’s assessment. In RBKC up to £600 per year can be available for carers, depending on your circumstances.

You must spend it on what was agreed in your carer’s support plan following your carer’s assessment. This could include it being spent on:

• travel expenses

• course fees

• exercise classes

• relaxation sessions or complementary therapies

• practical items such as a washing machine or a computer

• driving lessons

• respite breaks so you have some time for yourself

• a holiday so you can have a break either with or without the person you care for.

To be eligible for a personal budget you must be looking after someone who lives in Kensington and Chelsea. It does not matter where you yourself live. For more details from the Council contact RBKC Adult Social Care on 020 7361 3013 or


Carers Kensington & Chelsea can provide you with more information about personal budgets for carers, how to apply and help with getting one.

Phone them on 0800 032 1089 or email


Full of Life Carers Advocacy Service offers advice on personal budgets for carers of children and young adults with disabilities.

Phone them on 020 8962 9917 or email

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