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Total Family Coaching

Total Family Coaching 

The current COVID-19 crisis is creating unique challenges for parents, families and women survivors of domestic abuse. We continue to run all our support services virtually. 

Mondays and Wednesdays from 1 a clock

THE FREEDOM- for women survivors of Domestic Abuse- a 10 week educational group program based on the Duluth model of power and control , that assists women to identify and understand tactics, behaviours and beliefs of abusive partners. The program looks into the impact living with a dominator has on women and the children. Open and Free to all women 16+ residents of RBKC, WCC and LBHF

Tuesdays from 11: TRIPLE P (Positive Parenting Program) - a 10 week parenting program suitable for parents of children aged 2-16 The Program will look into parenting in uncertain times, and we will work with parents to help them put into place powerful and ongoing (multi-generational) solutions for meaningful, measurable changes in family resilience and functioning. (For RBKC and WCC residents)

Wednesdays from 11.30 The Nurturing Program a 10 week program to help parents build their children’s resilience and confidence. Resilience is being able to manage stress, challenges, trauma or adversity that life brings and bounce back from it. When children and teens are resilient, they are going to be more confident, curious and adaptable to the world around them. (For RBKC and WCC residents)

To register, visit our website: or pick up the phone, there is always someone available at 020 8969 5554. We speak: English, Albanian, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Serbo-Croat and Hindi.


Last Updated 14/03/2022

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