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What is a Family Hub?

Family Hubs

In RBKC a Family Hub is not about trying to locate as many different services into one building, but it is a way to bring different types of support together for families to help resolve their issues.

To ensure that that support is not restricted for those who cannot easily access one site a strong outreach service is important.  This means they can serve the whole community by taking services out into different venues and into the family home.

There are two Family Hubs in RBKC one serving the North of the borough and the other the South.  Supporting the health and development of under 5’s is still an important part of our offer and Children’s Centre provision therefore continues to play a crucial part in RBKC.  This will continue to offer access to good quality Stay and Play provision delivered by our Voluntary Sector but will extend the offer by delivering more targeted sessions designed to meet the needs of individual families and communities.

Grenfell support

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Last Updated 23/12/2019

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