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London police forces launch autism alert card scheme

A picture of the advice given on the autism card

A picture of the card including the advice given. You can read this advice in the main textPeople with autism across London will be offered new autism alert cards or passports as part of a scheme by the Metropolitcan Police, City of London Police and British Transport Police. The cards are designed to make police officers aware that a person has autism, may have communication difficulties and behave differently to other people. Officers will then respond appropriately by changing the way they interact with the person to make them feel more at-ease. 

The cards will issue the following advice to officers about how they can help the person with autism:

  • Remain calm; be patient tolerant and understanding.

  • Address me by name each time you speak to me.

  • People with autism are vulnerable. They are entitled to an appropriate adult. is should be arranged immediately. 

  • Be aware your behaviour and language can be confusing to me.

  • Always explain what is happening, what will happen and why.

  • Be aware autistic people may carry an object for security; removing it can cause extreme distress Only remove it if essential. 

  • Don't touch me or use handcuffs unless essential for safety.

The scheme was developed following extensive consultations with autistic individuals and their parents, the National Autistic Society, Autism Partnership Boards and other partner agencies.

Cards are available through autistic partnership boards and local police forces across London. For more information about the scheme and how to obtain a card, email

Last Updated 10/09/2019

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