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COVID-19 - I am a parent/SENCO and I need support with...

Please click the sections below for advice and guidence around supporting specific areas of need:

Talking to young people with SEND about Coronavirus

Emotional Regulation

Fun activities at home

Going to hospital

Covid-19 Hospital Passport

We have developed the attached Covid Hospital Passport for Children and Young People with special educational needs and / or disabilities who may have to go to hospital during this period. You can dowload it here.


Movement and Exercise

Access Sport - Inclusive home activities - DOWNLOAD PDF HERE

Jump Start Johnny - Exercise and dance for children

Ideas for exercise/getting moving at home - Gnoodle - Energetic education

Free, fun activities to get children moving - iMoves

PE with Joe Wicks - YouTube

Fine motor: Kim Griffrin, Occupational Therapist - Daily fine motor activities families can follow along to at 11am on Facebook - the videos will also be available on Griffin OT-YouTube

Autism, sport and Physical Activity (National Autistic Society)

My child's behaviour

Behaviour strategies

Behaviour in children with social communication difficulties

Now/Next, Now/Next/Then, Now/Next/Then/Reward - Step-by-step instructions & resources to increase engagement in structured tasks - No experience required - includes simple, step-by-step instructions

Simple, positive behaviour support resource. Plus a resource to help improve motivation in structured tasks - No experience required, includes simple, step-by-step instructions and resources for those who:

  • struggle with impulsivity
  • display negative reactions to rules and routines
  • struggle to regulate their emotions during structured and unstructured tasks
  • who require a high level of adult support within structured tasks for attention, engagement and to complete tasks.

Task Focus Boards - Redirecting and maintaining attention in tasks - No experience required - includes simple, step-by-step instructions

Good sitting/listening/waiting - Independent and generalisation of skills - No experience required - includes simple, step-by-step instructions

A free resource to support children and young people during structured tasks - Working towards boards - No experience required - includes simple, step-by-step instructions

A FREE weekly webinar by Professor Andy McDonnell on the Low Arousal approach (behaviour management) Email to book & receive a link for the event. Also, more events coming from Studio III 

Managing behaviour of concern - Empathetic stress support - Studio III

The challenging behaviour foundation - info on ‘Restrictions on Contact with Family’ and FAQs ‘Coronavirus and the Law’ both in collaboration with a Barrister to help with guidance throughout the coming weeks

My child's eating

My child's sleeping

Sensory Activities

Managing transition to home schooling

Toilet Training

Washing Hands

Last Updated 18/07/2020

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