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What we do


What is Detached and Outreach Youth Work?


Detached youth work takes place in areas young people feel most comfortable such as on the street, in parks and around their neighbourhood. Detached work can provide informal education by bringing information to young people, listening and hearing their needs and creating projects which support them. By going out to places where young people spend time, detached youth work can build an understanding of the issues that young people experience and help to create safer places in the areas that young people hang out.

Outreach youth work
aims to engage with young people in the local community. Youth workers will inform young people of services that exist in their area and encourage them to use the services and engage in centre-based activities. Youth workers talk with young people to identify gaps in services or what they want offered in youth centres so that activities and projects can be designed to meet their interests or needs.


Who are RBKC’s Detached and Outreach Team (DOT) and what do we do?


Meet The Detached and Outreach Team (DOT) This video clip tells you about the work they do with young people in Kensington and Chelsea.



We are a team of four youth workers and one senior worker. We deliver street-based (detached) engagement with young people which includes meaningful discussion, programmes and activities and encourage young people to engage and participate in activities offered by local youth services (outreach). The DOT remit is targeted to engage with children and young people aged 11-19 years (up to 25 years old if they have special educational needs or disabilities (SEND)).


Throughout the year we deliver projects and activities such as music studio, football, bike projects and girl’s groups. Please speak to your local DOT Worker to find out what’s going on in your area.


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What days/hours do we work?


We mainly deliver our detached and outreach sessions Monday to Friday, at times when we are most likely to see young people out and about, for example, afternoons and early evenings. Our times do change depending on what need we are responding to, such as delivering a school project and during holidays or at weekends when we might need to be out and about earlier in the day.


We are most often visible in the community from 1pm to 6pm or 4pm to 9pm. Please speak to your local DOT Workers for more information about when they’ll next be in your area.


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