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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Training

Sustainable Training Programme

Kensington and Chelsea

It has been recognised that the those who work with children and young people, parents and young people themselves need to have easy access to a menu of child and adolescent mental health training published online. This programme has been co-produced and delivered by a range of providers to suit the needs of schools, local authority staff, children centres, the voluntary sector, parents, children and young people.

Organisation / Service Service Training Provision 2017-18 for Children and Young People's Mental Health

Collective Voices (School Staff – Free)

  • Rethink offer mental health awareness training in schools for teachers. This is delivered by young champions and mental health trust
  • This training is bookable as inset days, twilight or two-hour session


Contact Details:  Patrick Stoakes

Telephone: 0207 840 3018




Tri-borough for schools

Mental Health First Aid (School Staff and CYP Professionals and Groups of Professionals – Free)

  • Mind provide mental health first aid training to schools.
  • This is delivered as a two-day course with remit for 128 professionals per course. There is a particular target for schools. 

Learn Well (Secondary Schools – Free)

  • Mind deliver six psycho- educational workshops to 11-16yrs olds.
  • Schools can choose two core modules and four elective modules including:  relationships, mindfulness, sleep, stress and resilience.
  • This course is conducted in groups at a time suitable for the school, larger groups (assemblies and year groups) or smaller classes.


Contact Details: Claudia Dennington   

Telephone: 020  7471 0592



West London Action for Children

Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham

‘Mighty Me’  and Therapeutic Groups in School

  • Direct work with children in Primary schools and children’s centres across Hammersmith and Fulham and Kensington and Chelsea. 


Contact Details: Georgina Bell

Telephone: 020 7352 1155



Partners In Practice (formally Focus on Practice) 

Tri- borough 

Partners In Practice offer bespoke training to a range of local authority staff (Free)

Systemic Family Therapy.

  • One of PiP’s primary focus is to equip staff (Social Workers and other LA staff) with systemic thinking and skills to assist them in their work.
  • The service also provides consultation and advice to foster carers and other agencies.
  • PiP provides a ‘Kids time programme’ for Early Years


Contact Details: Caroline Pipe (LBHF) Nick Pendry (Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster)

Email: ;


Website: Local Authority websites

Mental Health Trusts:

Central North West London (CNWL)


West London Mental Health Trust (WLMHT)


CNWL are the main provider of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) in Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster.

CNWL offers innovative parental and professional training on request; community CAMHS delivers bespoke training in schools, some of which is free.

Contact details for CNWL: David Bailey




Telephone: Westminster CAMHS - 020   3204 5500

                 Kensington and Chelsea CAMHS - 020  8383 6123



In Hammersmith and Fulham, the CAMHS main provider is WLMHT. The trust offers training on request to partner agencies.

Hammersmith and Fulham Community CAMHS deliver bespoke training in schools, some of which is free.


Contact details for WLMHT: Nicodimos Kamera



Telephone: 020  8483 1979

Westminster Special Schools Training & Outreach Team (Based  QE2 School)

Some training is delivered within the Tri-borough

Westminster Schools Outreach Team offers training for professionals and parents for CYP with Learning disabilities and Neurodevelopmental disorders mostly for Westminster Schools although some CAMHS training is offered tri-borough for free to schools if commissioned by the CCG’s.

  • Early Years sensory training for schools/ parents
  • ASD Early Bird and Early Bird plus
  • Managing anxiety in children with ASD for parents and SENCOs

Contact Details: Carolyn Gelenter


Telephone: 07960 727489

Westminster Society

Westminster Only

Training for Parents and Schools


  • Training for parents with young children with complex needs / LD/ ASD
  • Triple P Parenting course for parents of younger children.
  • Autism Awareness/Early Bird / LD awareness
  • Managing behaviour positively


  • Parenting groups 

Contact Details: Shona Duncan



Telephone: 020  8968 7376

Educational Psychology


Whole school approach for professionals. (Free universal offer to all schools)

  • EPs are working within every school across the three boroughs. They utilise a consultation model and work with a range of individuals including head teachers, teachers, support staff and children both individual and  group based.
  • Teacher supervision on emotional well-being.

ELSA national programme for school and NEW for Early Years in 2017-18. (Free Targeted offer, funded by CCG’s)

  • Teaching Assistants are trained with a training focus of working with children.  The training is empowering and enables teaching assistants to feel comfortable working with young people with emotional and social difficulties.

Nurture Groups for schools and nurseries. (Free, Targeted offer funded by CCG’s)

  • Across the Tri-borough delivered by EPs-2 days. Followed by three-day Nurture group training from National Nurture Group Trust.

Targeted video interactive guidance (VIG) for parents and teachers.

  • ASD / ADHD groups in schools

Contact Details:  Felicity Record


Telephone: 07468710717


Looked After Children (LAC), CAMHS and LAC Nurses

Westminster, Hammersmith and Fulham

Bespoke mental health training and support for foster carers and adopters and LAC (Free)

Contact Details:  For CAMHS please see Central North West London Mental Health Trust details above.  For LAC Nurses please contact Lin Graham-Ray

Telephone: 020 8753 5811

Health Education Partnership


HEP deliver training in schools, early years settings and colleges; they have a whole school approach to improving the health and wellbeing of pupils, parents and staff.  Training sessions include information and knowledge on emotional wellbeing and positive relationships. (Free CCG funded)

Contact Details: David Millard


Telephone: 0773 847 6236   


Last Updated 04/12/2018

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