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What SEN support may include

If a school or nursery decides your child has SEN they will write an SEN support plan. This plan identifies your child's needs, the action needed and planned outcomes. However, if your child's needs are severe or complex they may go straight to the next step - formal assessment.

What SEN support may include

SEN support could include teaching differently or help from an extra adult. Sometimes your child may get help from a specialist such as:

  • educational psychologists (qualified professionals registered with the Health Care Professional Council working within the education system and the community to promote the emotional wellbeing of children and young people)
  • child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS)
  • Specialist teaching and learning serivces or SEND support services (eg teachers qualified to work with specific needs such as visual impairment, hearing impairment, communication problems etc)
  • therapists such as speech therapists or occupational therapists.

Hearing and visual impairment: the school can seek advice direct from our Sensory Impairment Service.

Reviewing the SEN support plan

The school will review the SEN support plan regularly. The review will help identify whether your child is progressing and if the amount of support needs to change.

Involving you and your child

You and your child are central to deciding what action to take, what you want it to achieve and whether it's working.

The school must:

  • work closely with you and your child to identify your child's needs and support
  • take into account you and your child's concerns, views, agreed outcomes and next steps
  • include you in any decision to involve specialists
  • share details of the support plan with you and agree a review date
  • ask you and your child for your views when reviewing the SEN support plan.

SEN Support Toolkit

The SEN Support Toolkit explains the responsibilities on early years providers, schools and post 16 providers for meeting the special educational needs of children and young people. The toolkit also includes guidance on many of the SEND processes that educational providers must follow.

You can find out more about the SEN Support Toolkit here.

Last Updated 13/08/2019

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