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Family support

If you need support or advice in finding the right services for your family, you may be referred to the Early Help Family Support Team.

The Early Help Family Support Team workers are trained practitioners with skills in parenting training, sleep counselling, breastfeeding support, weaning, and early years education.

When you are referred, a family outreach officer will visit you in your home to discuss your needs, and a plan will be put together.

General parenting

  • understanding children’s developmental stages
  • making daily routines fun
  • making use of local facilities such as parks, drop ins and libraries
  • setting boundaries for behaviour
  • sleep and bed wetting problems
  • safety in the home
  • healthy eating and exercise

Support for new parents and/or teenage parents

  • advice about what baby equipment and clothes are needed
  • how to access the correct welfare benefits
  • how to prepare the home
  • antenatal sessions
  • help make the prospect of giving birth less daunting

Support for fathers

  • fathers’ groups - guidance on the joys of fatherhood and information on child development and parenting skills
  • support for fathers who live apart (such as arranging contact sessions with their child, or organising their home to accommodate their visiting child)

Healthy living

  • advice on how to eat healthily
  • buying and cooking food
  • ideas for living on a budget
  • advice on how to access specialist advice from nutritionists and dentists

Other support

  • Specialist advice and information on issues such as:
  • housing
  • benefits
  • debt
  • personal relationships
  • cultural or religious support
  • training and employment
Last Updated 04/12/2018

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